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Emma Scarr is a singer-songwriter from Leytonstone, East London, writing folk music with an Americana flavour - modern folk tales of everyday life and longings.She has released two solo albums to date, “Angel Way” and “Dusty Words and Motorways.” Her third album is written and awaiting production!


Emma writes about the people and places that she knows. Her joys and disappointments, triumphs and despair. The comfort and the drudgery of routine. Drinking, smoking, eating and work. Children, London, Devon, Essex, love. What gets you through the day. She plays the fiddle, guitar, banjo and harmonica.


“Character and place driven, they are songs grounded in first-hand experience and observation of the banalities and triumphs of everyday life. The understated narratives of her songs, forgiving and non-judgemental, have a sense of resignation but remain ultimately undefeated. Beneath the measured surface is where the raw emotions bubble - the real texture is to be found in the heart-broken shadows of this collection of songs."

Alex Ogg (Mojo-award winning author of “No More Heroes” press 1996 “The Hip-Hop years” press 2001)


Emma is, of course, one half of the amazing Black/Scarr.


If you would like to buy one (or both!) of my cds please write to me at and I will send you one. The cost is £10 each or both for £16. I will write back to you with my postal address, or you can buy them on CD Baby. Here is the link;

Click on the cd icon/s for more info and snippets of the songs.....









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